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Mobile Loyalty Programs for Your Business

Retain, expand and effectively manage your customer base, to increase sales and profitability.

It is easy and simple for customers to use and businesses to setup and operate.

Rewardy is ideal for both SMBs and Big Businesses. We offer a variety of loyalty programs to fit your business needs, from the traditional 'punch card' to sophisticated 'spending-based' programs.

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Rewardy replaces traditional paper-based loyalty cards, and enables you to offer your business and customers a more effective loyalty program.

Rewardy works with you to ensure that your loyalty program meets all your business needs, all without the need for new infrastructure.

Rewardy's CRM capabilities enable you to know who your customers are and easily communicate with them.

Offer your customers a better level of service, while positioning yourself as innovative and eco-friendly.

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Large Businesses and Chains

Rewardy enables you to offer your customers a 'Premium Level' mobile loyalty program, to better meet your customer's needs and your business' goals.

Rewardy enables you to easily offer multiple types of loyalty programs across all locations, without the need to invest in new infrastructure.

It frees your customers from their plastic cards and drastically reduces the time your busy employees need to process your loyalty program.

Rewardy also offers various levels of POS integration, all tailored to meet your unique business need.

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